Pawsitive Touch

Treatment Protocol

Galen Myotherapy treatments are specific to your dog.  I will work closely with you as the dog owner and give you clear information and instructions throughout the treatment process. I work with your dog at ground level, ensuring that your dog will be comfortable and relaxed. Your dog will always have a ‘choice’ and therefore will not be restrained in any way and they will always have the option to leave the area of treatment for a break.

For your dog to receive treatment, a consent form is required to be signed by your veterinary surgeon as per the Veterinary Surgeons Act of 1966.  I am happy to discuss any potential treatment with your vet. As a Galen Myotherapist I am fully qualified, insured and regulated by CAAM.

I will arrange an initial consultation and treatment will which will last approximately 80 – 90 minutes.  I will take your dog’s history and it will give us the opportunity to discuss your dog’s case in detail, for you to ask any questions as well as to go through your dog’s specific needs and requirements.

Throughout the treatment, I am working with the dog therefore the dog is in charge of their body at all times.  I will not hold a dog down or stop a dog from moving away from the treatment space if he/she needs some time out or thinking time.

I want this to be a positive experience for your dog and I want to form a bond and connection with the dog from the first session and for the future.  For your dog’s treatment to be successful, they must trust me.  I will therefore not overstep their boundaries of what they are happy to let me do and what they are comfortable with.  This will ensure that your dog has a positive treatment, leaves on a good note and will want to come back for further treatments.

The Environment

I will treat your dog with you present in their home environment.  This will ensure that the dog is as relaxed as possible.  To aid with this relaxation, it would be beneficial for the space to be as quiet as possible and free from distractions.  It also helps if there is no food, treats or toys in this space.  I will bring a treatment cushion but the dog will be free to move away from this if they want to.

Before Treatment

Ideally your dog will have had a short walk before being treated.  Please do not feed your dog up to two hours prior to treatment.

During treatment

You will be present throughout the treatment.  It is useful for you to help settle your dog.  You can sit with your dog or just away from them but I would ask that you only interact with them if they become anxious.  There will be opportunities throughout the treatment for some dialogue and questions but for me to fully interact and engage with your dog I ask that we go through most of these after the treatment.

As previously mentioned, your dog is free to leave the treatment space whenever they need to.

After Treatment

After each treatment, I will give you feedback as to what I have been doing and what I have felt.  I will also demonstrate some techniques for you to do in between treatments as well as an exercise routine for you to follow.

I will send your vet a report after every three treatments though they may of course contact me if they would like to in between treatments.  I can also discuss with the vet the role of Canine Myotherapy in your dog’s treatment/management programme.

Treatment records are fully maintained and all personal information will be kept in accordance with The Data Protection Act.