Pawsitive Touch


Famous Persona: Harry Kane because he is cheeky but loveable. He also loves a kick about in his back garden!
Age: 12
A Bit About Theo
Theo is a Norfolk Terrier who can sometimes be found in Richmond Park with his mates.  He has his favourite spots in the house to chill out and relax; he has recently found a wonderful cool patch on the tiles in the fireplace! He does also love a good game of chase.


Theo and Galen Myotherapy
Theo has canine arthritis in his back legs and it was beginning to affect his quality of life. He was in some discomfort and was slowing down a bit and losing some of his joie de vivre! Because there was the discomfort in the back legs, Theo had adapted his posture as well as how he was moving to compensate for this discomfort.  This resulted in him shifting the noticeable change was that he could no longer come down the stairs forward, he would come down sideways.   The muscles in his back legs becoming weaker as he was underusing them; this in turn caused him to overuse his front end. There was a lot of muscular tension throughout the neck and the shoulders. He had also begun licking his front paws which could well have been either referred pain or a distractive technique. Another thing his owners had noticed, was that he had started moving when defecating as he couldn’t hold the position for long enough.
He has responded really well to treatment and the muscular tension in the cervical region and shoulders has really improved.  His posture and mobility is much better and I am pleased to say, he is now coming down the stairs carefully but facing forwards! He is great at letting me know which areas he would like to be treated and really seems to get the treatment; we feel he know that it is helping him to feel more comfortable and to have a more active life again.

Some words from his owner 
We are delighted with how Galen Myotherapy has helped Theo and his arthritis. We can see real improvements. He seems happier again and is much more playful. He is also calmer. Everyone who knows Theo comments on it; his friends, the vet, the groomer and his kennels. He really does have a new lease of life.