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Dog of the Week Theo

Name: Theo
Famous Persona: Ron Weasley from Harry Potter as he is a good and loyal dog with a cheeky side and ginger! If he had a superhero name, it would be the Ginger Ninja!
Age: 5 and a half
A Bit About Theo
Theo is a Red Fox Labrador . He was rescued by Labrador Rescue South East where he was handed in with a broken left femur. This break needed surgery and he has a plate and 13 pins in his left back leg. He now has an absolutely wonderful life where he is very much the centre of his home and everything his humans do. He loves to swim (and belly flop) and can often be found in the locals ponds and streams. He also loves a stick to carry and of course, squirrels

Theo and Galen Myotherapy
Breaking a femur is a significant injury and his recovery took a lot of time and patience from everyone involved. He had a few months of hydrotherapy and was exercised sensibly and appropriately. Because of this injury on one of his back legs, Theo had adapted the way that he moved and was really overusing his front end and there was significant muscular tension in his neck and shoulders. He would also, every so often, have a limp on one of his front legs that would come and go. Galen Myotherapy has played a big part in Theo becoming more muscularly balanced and have improved functional movement ensuring he can do all the things that he loves to do! His owners are excellent at looking for signs that his posture or gait has changed again at which point they call me; Theo now has maintenance treatments as and when is necessary. He really loves his treatments and actually recognises the sound of my car pulling up. He is the model in lots of the photos I use that you may have seen on my social media or marketing materials. He is a truly special boy.

Some Words From His Owner
Theo loves his Galen Myotherapy treatments. You can tell he loves the session from the upside down position he gets himself into as soon as Lucy puts her hands on him. He is always a bit sleepy afterwards but with Theo I can see the difference the next day/a few days later when he looks more comfortable, his muscles feel less tight and he’s happy to walk for longer. We’re committed to maintenance treatments for life now.