Pawsitive Touch


Theo, our 4 year old red fox lab, started having myotherapy last year.  When we adopted him, his left hind leg had been broken & whilst it has healed perfectly through great surgery & then ongoing hydrotherapy, he overcompensates use of his other limbs. He is an energetic, enthusiastic ball chaser & anything with a pulse chaser- specifically squirrels! This means he throws himself around with wild abandon, twisting, turning and lunging- and my wife & I felt he would benefit from myotherapy to loosen some of his overworked muscles but also to guide us in how to help him strengthen the weaker ones.
Theo has loved every session he’s had. The minute Lucy walks in, he goes straight to his special blanket & lays down to wait in anticipation. On occasion, even trying to climb onto her lap! Lucy’s magic hands have really helped his general well being. She’s loosened areas that have evidently been uncomfortable and has given us guidance around specific exercises we can do to target potential areas that ought to be stronger. Lucy’s manner is the perfect balance of professionalism and affection. She ‘listens’ to him and talks to him which I genuinely believe puts him (and me!) at ease. He clearly trusts her and so do I. Myotherapy has given Theo a rejuvenated attitude and we intend to have maintenance sessions for as long as Lucy is happy to treat him.  Emily Owner of Theo January 2017


Our vet recommended that our three year old yellow Labrador, Bailey, would benefit from some myotherapy from Lucy to support her recovery after partially tearing her cruciate ligament.  Lucy was asked to sort out her compensatory issues in her front end and she showed us exercises and techniques as well to strengthen her back end as her gluteal muscles are not well enough developed.  Bailey trusts Lucy completely and is always so pleased to see her.  She sits on her lap as soon as she can to settle down for her treatment.  Lucy has been working on Bailey’s tight neck muscles as well and she is showing steady signs of improvement.  Lucy is a charming lady who has great empathy with dogs and is very patient and professional. Sally and Bailey – London


Last year our elderly schnauzer had an unexplained ataxic episode. His back legs had suddenly ‘given way’ and the muscles on his left side were not working very well. His mobility was compromised and we were very worried about him. Fortunately Lucy came along at exactly the right time… she started working on all his muscles and after only a few sessions you could see a great improvement in his muscle tone and leg control. Lucy has a real connection with animals and Rocky absolutely loved his sessions with her. I realised just how much Rocky had improved when I turned round one day to find him running after the ducks in the park – something he hadn’t done for some while!
We still have regular maintenance sessions just to keep Rocky feeling comfortable. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lucy to anyone.  Lynda and Rocky February 2017