Pawsitive Touch


Famous Persona: Superman!

Age:  Nearly 7

A Bit About Rolo

Well it is important to start this off with the fact that Rolo is a little bit brilliant!! He has a wonderful life taking part in lots of fun things such as training sessions, trick training and more.  He has

however, had his challenges and it is because of these challenges, that I got to meet him!  Rolo had sub luxating patellas and has had surgery on both back legs.  He has had physiotherapy, laser treatment and hydrotherapy and is now being treated with Galen Myotherapy.

Rolo and Galen Myotherapy

I first met Rolo when he came along with his mum Kim to a talk I was doing.  I remember thinking as soon as I saw him, what a sweet boy he was.  Kim was curious to hear about the therapy and see if it may be something that would help Rolo.  Rolo had a muscle balance assessment with me and I could see some of the muscular issues he had.  There were overworked muscles in his neck and shoulders and his pelvic region looked a little tucked under.  He also had what Kim and I fondly call ‘lollipop thighs!’ This was because his hamstrings were really quite tight.  Rolo has regular maintenance treatments to ease some of the muscular tension and to help him become more muscularly balanced in general  I have also given Rolo and Kim some simple exercises to do together which really focus on helping to strengthen some of the less developed muscles in his back end.

Some Words From His Owner

Rolo has had laser treatment, hydrotherapy and physio and nothing has helped until Galen Myotherapy.  It was the first type of treatment where someone really listened to Rolo, not just treat the issue.  He loves Lucy and he knows that she is there to help him.