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Galen Myotherapy Distance Support Programme

Galen Myotherapy Distance Support Programme

What is it

The Galen Myotherapy Distance Support Programme was established back in 2018.  It encompasses years of expertise to provide dogs and their owners with a supported home treatment programme.  You will receive 1:1 guidance from me enabling you to help your dog’s muscular balance and comfort levels, using various techniques and exercises put together in a bespoke plan for your dog.

What can the Galen Myotherapy Distance Support Programme help with?

  • Dogs that seem to be slowing down
  • Disinterest  in activity or their daily routine
  • Stiffness
  • Lameness – both ongoing and intermittent
  • The compensatory effects of arthritis, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, sub luxating patella and more
  • Tripawds
  • Some behavioural problems such as;  excessive licking or chewing of their feet or body

Galen Myotherapy Distance Support Programme; how it works

You will be sent a form to complete asking for information as well as specific photos and videos of your dog.  It is this, along with the Galen Comfort Scale, that will form the main part of my assessment of your dog as well as my recommendations.  Once I have received this form from you, I will analyse the information you have given  to determine your dog’s current state of comfort.  You will then receive a full assessment of your dog  – it will be a ‘nose to tail’ analysis of their posture and loading, highlighting and explaining any issues.  Within this report will be my recommendations of what you can do to help your dog – this will include videos and detailed explanations.  We will then review this after six weeks so we can see how you have helped to improve your dog’s comfort.


This six week  programme costs £125


Galen Myotherapy Distance Support Plus Programme

Our DSP+ package has the same benefits  as our DSP package but with the additional benefit of a tailor made home exercise plan, featuring Galen’s unique functional biomechanics exercises.  These will be exercises that can be done without specialist equipment in your home and or garden.  The exercises will be adapted to your dog’s individual needs aiming to improve their overall mobility, strength and flexibility.  The exercises come with clear instructions and I will work with you to ensure the exercises are being performed correctly.


This 8 week programme costs £199


Contact me to enrol your dog onto these programmes or for any further information.