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Understanding muscle pain

When there is pain in the muscles, the muscle/muscles which are affected start to shorten in length and physically wind up.  This can be evident in the dog when there is a change of posture.

The shortening is due to the pain coming from the injured or inflamed muscles.  The body where possible will try to avoid using these areas.  By not using the areas, the inhibition will increase and then this inhibition will cause an adaptive change or a compensatory issue.

If a dog is suffering from a muscle inhibition from a condition or a cause, the dog will present with either intermittent or ongoing stiffness or lameness. These symptoms may be inconsistent but unfortunately, these symptoms will not be cured by rest alone.

The muscles which have been affected (if left untreated) will then have to adapt causing theses muscles to become inflexible and overworked.  This can then cause negative changes in the dog both physically and psychologically.

Dogs are incredibly stoic and one must remember that they will often suffer in silence.

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Mobility is essential to overall good health. It influences not only the skeletal and muscular system but also the nervous, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, skeletal, urinary, excretory, endocrine and reproductive systems.