Pawsitive Touch

Dog of the Week Theo

Name: Theo Famous Persona: Ron Weasley from Harry Potter as he is a good and loyal dog with a cheeky side and ginger! If he had a superhero name, it would be the Ginger Ninja! Age: 5 and a half A Bit About Theo Theo is a Red Fox Labrador . He was rescued by Continue reading »


Famous Persona: Harry Kane because he is cheeky but loveable. He also loves a kick about in his back garden! Age: 12 A Bit About Theo Theo is a Norfolk Terrier who can sometimes be found in Richmond Park with his mates.  He has his favourite spots in the house to chill out and relax; Continue reading »

Dog Of the Week Scampy

Famous Persona: Princess Diana as he has the ability to make everyone around him including strangers, feel good about themselves. Age: 9 A Bit About Scampy Scampy is a Jack Russel Terrier. He is a sweet natured and calm boy. He is very good at being around anxious or reactive dogs as he shows them Continue reading »


Archie Famous Persona: Tom Cruise – he does all his own tricks, he knows how to act for treats and the girls love him! Age: 10 A Bit About Archie Archie is a miniature schnauzer who lives with his owner Douglas and loves to chat. In the doggy world his vocabulary is extensive! I love Continue reading »


Famous Persona: her full name is Wenfryn Kiki ‘Loving and Free.’ Loving and Free being Kiki Dee’s first album! Age: 8 A Bit About Kiki Kiki is a beautifully photogenic Boston Terrier who most certainly knows her own mind. She leads a wonderful life and is a very important part of her family, keeping everyone Continue reading »


Famous Persona: Superman! Age:  Nearly 7 A Bit About Rolo Well it is important to start this off with the fact that Rolo is a little bit brilliant!! He has a wonderful life taking part in lots of fun things such as training sessions, trick training and more.  He has however, had his challenges and Continue reading »


Famous Personas: Batman because of his beautiful bat like ears and or Tigger from Winnie the Poo; as despite being nearly 8 and having a sore leg, he bounces around like a young pup! Age: Nearly 8 A bit about Django Django is a Serbian Rescue. He was initially rescued in January 2014 by the Continue reading »