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Dog Of the Week Scampy

Famous Persona: Princess Diana as he has the ability to make everyone around him including strangers, feel good about themselves.
Age: 9
A Bit About Scampy
Scampy is a Jack Russel Terrier. He is a sweet natured and calm boy. He is very good at being around anxious or reactive dogs as he shows them there is nothing to be afraid of and they learn from him as their role model. Scampy is often to be found on Putney Common meeting with his 4 legged and 2 legged pals. When he is at home, he loves watching tv with his owner often catching up on the latest detective/mystery drama. Scampy is a gorgeous boy but he is camera shy and will walk away or hide if you try to a picture of him (or even if he thinks you may try!!)
Scampi and Galen Myotherapy
Scampi has osteoarthritis in both his back legs and more recently has also had issues with the cruciate ligament in his right back leg. Though Scampy was on medication for his osteoarthritis, he was still in some discomfort. This meant he had adapted the way that he moved and shifted the load, so as to take the weight and pressure off the back legs. This caused some quite extreme muscular tension in his front end especially in his neck. These issues in the cervical region are compensatory issues caused by the underlying condition; the osteoarthritis. I use various techniques to ease this muscular tension in the front end as well as work on all four of his legs to remind them what to do and what they are capable of! Scampy seems to really enjoy the treatment and there have been some real improvements. Most importantly, he is in less discomfort and when it isn’t too hot, he is enjoying his walks and meeting his friends again as well.
Some Words From His Owner
Hi I am Michele and my little dog is called Scampy. He has arthritis in both back legs and also a cruciate ligament problem in his right back leg. He was in so much pain and unable to walk very far. Even on a high daily dose of Metacam he had to be in a doggy pushchair. It was heart breaking as he is only 9 years and 5 months old. I thought his dog life was over. He couldn’t even go to the toilet properly. Then, through a friend Lucy came into our lives. Thanks to Galen Myotherapy, Lucy’s dedication and hard work and her truly wonderful connection with Scampy; five months later I have my lovely, lively, active little boy back. I can’t praise and thank Lucy enough.