Pawsitive Touch


Famous Persona: her full name is Wenfryn Kiki ‘Loving and Free.’ Loving and Free being Kiki Dee’s first album!
Age: 8

A Bit About Kiki

Kiki is a beautifully photogenic Boston Terrier who most certainly knows her own mind. She leads a wonderful life and is a very important part of her family, keeping everyone in line. She likes to go out and about to her favourite places as long as the weather is to her liking; this means no rain, not too cold and not too hot. If she does go for a walk after it has rained, she will carefully walk around any puddles that get in her way. Her owners also like to go off cycling; but knowing that this is a bit too much for Kiki, she has her own personal ‘carriage’ ensuring that she doesn’t miss out!

Kiki and Galen Myotherapy

Kiki has arthritis in both stifle joints and her owners felt that perhaps she was slowing down a bit and not wanting to walk as far as she had previously been walking. She is under the care of her vets and was taking various medications to help ease the symptoms. Her owners decided that they would like to try a more multimodal approach to her arthritis so contacted me. When I met Kiki, she had been overusing her front end so the muscles in her neck, shoulders and front legs were quite tight and overworked. The muscles in her back end and in her back legs were quite weak so she was quite muscularly unbalanced. Through easing some of the muscular tension in the front end and working on firing the muscles in her back end, she has really improved. She is much more balanced, has more ‘get up and go’ and presently is not any of her medications.

Some Words From Her Owner

We liked to think that Kiki could be treated for her arthritis with more than just drugs. We are really pleased that currently, she is not needing any of the medications she had previously been on. She is able to be out and about for longer (when the weather suits her) and seems happier and more balanced when running around. We have also noticed an improvement in her posture.